KING PING attends Shenzhen Fashion Week with its boundless 2019 Autumn Winter Collection

During this year”s Shenzhen Fashion Week, the brand held a ‘thought’-themed fashion catwalk show promoting its 2019 Autumn Winter Collection, the latest product lineup reflecting Mr. Wang”s philosophy of removing boundaries and constraints and following one”s heart when designing shoes. The Construction collection deconstructs a diversity of fabrics in multiple ways and the Wormhole collection showing the designer”s interpretation of what the 3D intersection of two universes would look like, while the One collection consists of an entire shoe created from a single piece of leather without any seams. For every shoe in any of his collections, Mr. Wang continually seeks to unleash the openness and inclusivity of design with his ‘boundless’ philosophy of art. In addition to infusing a multi-faceted concept into his designs, the designer created his masterpieces with a focus on the art and the aim of disrupting the conventional way people think of fashion. The catwalk show that he presented pushes beyond the boundary of fashion as it can be imagined.  

Over 20 years ago, Mr. Wang began his career in this new field. He is one of China”s pioneers in creating a designer brand with its own original shoe designs. He has been a judge in major Chinese and international design competitions over the past ten years. In addition to shoes, he is also active in clothing, jewelry, furniture and interior design. Each of his works is fully handcrafted. He combines curated fabrics and finest craftsmanship with a design-focused aesthetic experience, creating beautiful, comfortable and practical shoes. Mr. Wang has never wavered from the original mission of offering meticulous design.

SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Designer and owner of the KING PING brand, Wang Ping, challenged the limits of the physical world when he presented the brand”s new collection at Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019, which kicked off on March 14.