LC Waikiki Furthers Its Global Social Responsibility Movement With LCW Sense App Launch in Russia

LC Waikiki, the global Turkish clothing brand, which carries out its activities with its Everybody deserves to dress well mission, has pioneered the use of its LCW Sense application, put into service for visually impaired individuals in its 36 stores in Russia. LC Waikiki is also aiming for the app to be available in the Middle East and North Africa. 

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Thanks to the LCW Sense app, which can be downloaded to mobile phones free of charge from App Store and Google Play store, visually impaired individuals can easily find all the information about a garment, such as colour, fabric, pattern, washing instructions and price. This empowers visually impaired shoppers to pick out their clothes without the help of someone else. The app also offers solutions around creating outfits and differentiating between items of clothing.

More about the LCW Sense app 

Shoppers using the app can listen to information about the item, particularly the details on the item label, allowing them to buy clothes in the style and size that they like. Once at home, the app can also provide advice on how to wash each article and how best to combine it with other pieces.

Underscoring LC Waikiki”s leadership in pioneering the app, the first of its kind, LC Waikiki Chief Marketing Manager Ms. Deniz Aktürk Erdem says:

‘At LC Waikiki, we are in contact with a large customer base every day in more than 900 stores in 44 countries around the world; we are trying to understand their needs and demands and to respond to them. Because we serve millions of people from every age group every day and every income level of the society, we focus on ‘human’ factor. As a brand that appeals to millions, we consider keeping our ears open to all sectors as our social responsibility.

‘For this reason, we try to understand and support the needs of every sector with the power we get from our leadership in fashion and clothing.

‘In line with these priorities, last year we implemented the LCW Sense project, the first in the world, with the great efforts of our friends, LC Waikiki Social Responsibility Platform Volunteers, who sincerely believe in our corporate values. In 2018, we decided to open this application to the world and our first country was Russia.

‘In our first 36 stores in Russia, we brought the application into practice for the use of our visually impaired customers. Our biggest goal is to expand the LCW Sense application, which has drawn great attention in Turkey, to 44 countries where we have stores.’

Pointing out that fashion focuses on ‘life’ in the digitalized world, Erdem said that fashion which does not reach out to the people and is not adopted by the user becomes obsolete; in this regard, the fashion retail industry must put creative and innovative applications into practice. Erdem adds, ‘LC Waikiki is a brand that closely follows innovations and technologies in digital trends. We combine technology and innovation with creative ideas to make life easier for our customers. LCW Sense is the best example of this. With the development of technology and better understanding of our customers” needs, we will have improvements both in the usage and scope of the application.’

LC Waikiki aims to continue expanding the availability of its LCW Sense app beyond Russia, the Middle East and North Africa – eventually bringing it to all of its stores in 44 countries.  

About LC Waikiki  

Founded in 1988 and providing service under the umbrella of LC Waikiki Magazacilik since 1997, LC Waikiki dresses the world with its ‘Everybody deserves to dress well’ mission and ‘accessible fashion’ notion. LC Waikiki has been maintaining its growth adventure for 30 years both in Turkey and abroad. Today LC Waikiki, the leader of the ready-to-wear clothing industry, provides service in 44 countries with more than 900 stores and approximately 43,200 employees. 

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