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Bushman Insect Repellent Hits the Shelves in the UK and EU

LONDON, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The safari and outdoor market demands effective insect repellent. The Safari Store are proud to introduce Bushman into the UK. Long-awaited, proven Bushman benefits are set to transform how Britain enjoys the outdoors and goes about daily insect protection.

What makes Bushman stand out is its exceptional formula, which meets EU regulations and standards. Tried, tested, and trusted in Australia, it is been developed for the tropics. This high-level protection is now available in the UK. With great wearer characteristics and proven effectiveness in even harsh conditions, Bushman is an exciting release for the global travel and outdoor market – shipping worldwide through The Safari Store.

Bushman benefits:

  • Safe, effective DEET-based formula.
  • Suitable for children aged three and older.
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, sand flies, sand fleas, leeches, march flies, horse flies, bird lice, and other insects.
  • Water, sweat, and rub resistant.
  • Slow-release actives for long-lasting protection.
  • Non-greasy, neutral odour.
  • Trusted by the Australian Olympic team in Rio during the Zika outbreak

The Safari Store vouches for the efficacy of Bushman repellent off the back of their expedition-tested philosophy. ‘We successfully tested Bushman in Zambia against mosquitoes, ticks, and tsetse flies,’ said owner of The Safari Store, Steve Adams. ‘Hands down, the Australians make the best insect repellents and I believe Bushman is the best Australian-made insect repellent available in the EU and UK today. We are proud to introduce this high-performance product into Britain.’

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Selling 1.3 million bottles every year, the top-selling premium insect repellent in Australia has arrived in the UK for the first time courtesy of The Safari Store