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ISPO Munich 2018 Exhibition Summed Up

ISPO Munich-2018 participants are summing up the results of work at the sports industry”s largest exhibition.  

The annual exhibition of sporting goods and technologies that experts call the industry”s number one event has completed its work last week in Munich. Equipment producers, retailers, athletes, trainers, and doctors have exchanged the latest ideas and approaches to the sporting clothes, gear, and food production. ISPO Munich-2018 had more than 80,000 visitors. Russian Outdoor Village collaborative exposition was one of the most visited. For the very first time it was located on the total area of 460 square meters.

‘Today Russia produces all types of natural and artificial world-class insulants. We have launched ultralight and membrane fabrics, and frost-proof fittings production. In 2017, we have produced more than 280 million square meters of high-tech synthetics, and 4 billion square meters of nonwovens. The Outdoor industry and all of the light industry have a lot to be proud of. Last year the industry has achieved stable growth. The market volume industry-wise has exceeded 2.5 trillion rubles,’ notes Viktor Evtukhov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Together with the regular participants of the Russian Outdoor Village, the newcomers Accessory Fur have demonstrated their products. The company actively cooperates with world-known fashion houses. In Munich Accessory Fur company has presented unique technology of natural fur metallization.

‘Russian manufacturers have caused wide response at the exhibition. Both visitors and participants have demonstrated their sincere interest in our companies. They were impressed by the high quality, design, and variety of models. By 2025, Russia is planning to double the light industry”s export, and sports industry is one of the priority spheres. Unlike the markets of Asia with whom we have built wide and strong relations, European retail is not as friendly. At the moment, we have a very complicated task: to win the foreign consumers” loyalty. This is why Russian Export Center (REC) is ready to provide targeted assistance to each enterprise at all the levels of product promotion abroad,’ says Alexey Tyupanov, CEO of REC.

During four days of the exhibition, 36 companies have taken part in the event. More than 700 business meetings were organized and conducted at the booths.

MUNICH, February 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —