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Kickform’s Scientific Prediction: Brazil Will Be World Champions – Germany, Spain and France Will Be Their Fiercest Rivals

Scientists from Münster in Germany who are otherwise better known for their predictions for the top European leagues have focused on the approaching Football World Cup in Russia on their website  

According to the KickForm simulation, Brazil are one of the top favourites for the World Cup title and have a 31% chance of winning the cup.

The team of scientists around mastermind Prof. Heuer from the University of Münster (book: ‘Der perfekte Tipp’) has also reached deep into its box of tricks to deliver some good predictions for the outcome of the World Cup. During the football season, KickForm provides very good predictions for the major European leagues; the betting tips usually have hit rates well above 70%. For the World Cup, the sophisticated statistical tools of the scientists had to be adapted to new data for the national squads. In a complex simulation the numbers were crunched 100,000 times and the results have just been released on The probabilities for victory, draw or defeat were predicted for all 64 matches – from the group stage to the finals. In addition, the probabilities for each team of winning the title ‘World Champions 2018’ and for reaching the final rounds were calculated.

For Brazil, anything other than reaching the round of 16 would be a huge surprise – the ‘Seleção’ should survive the group stage with a probability of 94%. The probability of reaching the semi-finals is still a good 74%. The quarter finals are expected to be France v Uruguay (win: France), Brazil v England (win: Brazil), Germany v Belgium (win: Germany) and Spain v Argentina (win: Argentina).

The final, according to the predictions of the scientists, will be fought out by Brazil and Germany, and Neymar will lift the cup after 90 minutes.

The complete simulation of the 2018 World Cup, with all individual matches, is available at


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