Katsuna: A Firmware Ecosystem of Applications For Senior Users

Reducing the learning curve

Katsuna, an ecosystem of applications designed to offer smartphone accessibility to seniors, is now available via Google Play, providing complete customization to any Android device. With the Katsuna Launcher users can set their accessibility profile and enjoy a personal experience across all available apps: Contacts, Calls, Messages, Keyboard, Clock, Calendar, Date & Weather widget.

Worldwide, only a small percentage of users aged 60+ are using smartphones. Optimizations in those facing visual, dexterity, cognitive or memory difficulties could lead to a significant increase of users worldwide. Katsuna believes that all people should be able to use technology, therefore accessibility is a necessity.

The Katsuna Android firmware, based on the open source Android code, is a flavor of Android which includes various customizations. Moreover, an ecosystem of apps for seniors is offered through Google Play. The design follows a purpose driven concept with short interaction paths and tailors the user interface according to user characteristics, while complying to Google”s design guidelines. The systemic application of common design principles helps seniors to face their usage challenges. Moreover, the coherency of the interfaces and the common logic behind similar interactions make the Katsuna offering smooth and consistent.

Manos Saratsis, CEO & Founder states that: ‘Access to technology is a right, not a commodity. We are dealing with complexity and ease the learning process of using a smartphone. In parallel, we unify the way to do things on Android while designing for accessibility. At Katsuna, empathy is the driving force for understanding individual user characteristics and then offering tailored experiences to our solution ecosystem. Katsuna is not yet another senior friendly system but a complete Android experience covering all basic user interactions without limitations.’

Katsuna is a solution for users interested in simplicity and accessibility and is not designed only for the elderly but also for the 10% of the world population being left-handed as well as for the significant number of people facing individual difficulties with acuity either in terms of visibility, memory or understanding.

The Katsuna brand considers independence as the main challenge for contemporary discussions and technology developments regarding accessibility.

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Katsuna GmbH is a company based in Switzerland, founded in 2017. It was established to empower seniors to use smartphones and become digital citizens.

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